new Swiss COAXIAL I/A SYSTEMS - ergonomic design

Get a grip - See and feel the difference! 


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• Exceptional grip for safe handling
• Comfortable fit for any hand size
• Cost-effective alternative
• Improved and modern new design
• Colour coding of gauge sizes
• Available for incision sizes of 2.5mm / 2.2mm / 1.8mm
• Compatible with all phaco machines
• Polished or textured tips for capsule polishing
• Straight, curved or angled versions
• 85 shore sleeve
• Single-use instruments
• Available as OEM version upon request


As all I/A systems are equipped with perfectly matching infusion-sleeves, dimensional conditions are identical to the previous phaco-procedure and thus ensuring a smooth and totally leak-free cortical removal. 


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• optimal efficiency, consistent performance 

• high quality stainless steel tips 

• textured aspiration tip for smooth capsule polishing 

• the quality of single-use I/A systems and reusable instruments is identical 

• with silicone sleeve for smooth and leak-free cortical removal 

• lightweight handpieces with male and female luer connector

NEW: Femto Instruments with distal open cannula to remove fragments without phaco power!

Newly available is now our I/A Instrument for Femto Laser assisted surgeries. This I/A cannula is available in 20G and 21G with a 30° bevel tip. The bevel tip has rounded edges to enhance safety during surgery.


• Available for 2.2mm and 2.5 mm incisions
• Enhanced safety due to round edges
• Compatibility with all phaco machines
• No phaco power required

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