accuject screw - the SMOOTH way

Medicel's latest addition to the ACCUJECTTM family is the ACCUJECTTM SCREW injection system. This is a single-use screw-type injector with a soft tip plunger and is available for incisions of 1.8 mm to 3.2 mm.



With a further enhancement of the ACCUJECTTM Injection System, we introduce the newly developed loading chamber which includes a surpreme technology for back-loading any type of hydrophobic lens.


/projekt/images/Products/Accuject screw/MED_Accuject_Screw_8903_2014_sRGB.jpg

/projekt/images/Products/Accuject screw/MED_Accuject_Screw_8906_2014_sRGB.jpg


• fully disposable
• Easy to prefold any back-loaded hydrophobic         lens
• Also applicable for top-loaded hydrophilic lenses
• Available cartridge sizes for incisions of 1.8 mm      to 3.2 mm




Available with screw or push function:

• Screw function for controlled lens injection
• Push function for quick advancement


/projekt/images/Products/Accuject screw/Accuject_Backloaded_8889_2014_sRGB.jpg