On the ACCUJECTTM system, the cartridge is already incorporated into the injector. The ingenious design of an extra-large loading chamber automatically guarantees precise loading of the lens, even without microscope. Pinching and tearing haptics is a thing of the past.

The ACCUJECTTM – system represents total reliability for safe and effective lens injections. The compact design with integrated cartridge of the fully single-use ACCUJECTTM system enables a simple, predictable loading and positioning of any lens. This allows the surgeon and O.R. personnel to load any lens in the same simple manner. The ACCUJECTTM system is designed for 1- and 3 piece lenses for incision sizes of sub 3.2 to sub 1.8 mm.

ACCUJECTTM proves that a conventional lens injection system can be as safe, efficient and reliable as high-tech pre-loaded systems.


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For 1-piece lenses

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Even complex designs of 3-piece IOLs can easily be loaded. Precise positioning ensures a perfect lens delivery into the eye...time...after time...after time!

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 For 3-piece lenses

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All ACCUJECTTM products come sterile packed,
10 sets per dispenser box.

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 The ACCUJECTTM is the platform for our preloaded IOL Systems:


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