Available as of spring 2017
ERGOJECTTM is the world’s first fully disposable screw injector with single-handed operation. Inspired by the Swiss watch industry, its precisely working micro gear provides an unprecedented smooth and controlled injection of almost any one-piece lens. Cartridges and top-loaded loading chambers are identical to the ones used in the ACCUJECTTM system. This makes the use of ERGOJECTTM very convenient for current ACCUJECTTM users.

ERGOJECTTM - the first micro-gear driven IOL screw injector for highest


Compared to classical syringe injectors, the pen-like operation of ERGOJECTtm provides a much higher stability since the operation point is around 2cm closer to the eye. Consequently, lever forces and coherent up- and downturns of the injector are significantly reduced.

Different from classical two-handed screw injectors, the second hand remains free and it can be used for stabilizing the eye or for manipulating the lens within the capsular bag.






One-handed Control

ERGOJECTTM combines the best of previous concepts: Control of a screw injector and one-handed usability of push inserters. The first fully single-use injector with integrated micro-gear minimised force for fingertip movement.





Ergonomic IOL injection

With the intuitive handling like a pen, ERGOJECTTM is designed to be used in a relaxed hand position. The enhanced grip ensures the secure positioning in the surgeons’ hand. The hand positioning is close to the distal end, which increases the control during IOL injection.




Choose your operation mode

Backward movement can be disabled to ensure IOL injection through small incisions down to 1.6mm without compromising ergonomic handling. Accoustic feedback confirms the chosen operating mode.




Compatible with hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs

Compatibility with ACCUJECTTM cartridge tips and IOL loading section ensures a short learning curve for the OR staff. Existing preloaded systems designed for ACCUJECTTM can be used with ERGOJECTTMERGOJECTTM is therefore also available for preloading of hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs.










/projekt/images/Products/Ergoject/Tick.jpgACCUJECTTM tip 1.6 - 3.0

/projekt/images/Products/Ergoject/Tick.jpgACCUJECTTM coating

/projekt/images/Products/Ergoject/Tick.jpgCompatible with existing preloading

       ACCUJECTTM systems

/projekt/images/Products/Ergoject/Tick.jpgFor hydrophobic and hydrophilic lenses