The combination of the MULTIJECTTM reusable titanium lens injector and the MULTIJECTTM series cartridges results in a sound and well proven complete lens injection system compatible with silicone as well as acrylic lenses of any design.

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The MULTIJECTTM system comprises 4 models of cartridges that are compatible with the MULTIJECTTM re-usable injectors LI60200, LI604205, LI604210 and LI604215. The MULTIJECTTM allow injection of any style of foldable 1- and 3-piece acrylic and silicone lenses.

MULTIJECTTM Injectors - The titanium advantage

The reusable MULTIJECTTM injectors are precision engineered from high-grade titanium using traditional Swiss manufacturing techniques. MULTIJECTTM injectors are available as Syringe-Type and Screw-Type version. Both models come with a GROOVE-TYPE injector head and ATRAUMATIC flat injector head to receive the silicone cushion LS604500.

Syringe-type Injector

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available with "GROOVE-type" injector head or "ATRAUMATIC-type" injector head

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Screw-type Injector

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available with "GROOVE-type" injector head or "ATRAUMATIC-type" injector head

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