The VISCOJECTTM system from Medicel was the first lens injection system ever that enabled surgeons to inject 1-piece acrylic lenses of any style through incisions of less than 2.5 mm. Worldwide, more than 1 million IOLs are successfully injected every year with the VISCOJECTTM system that has changed the world of Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (MICS)!


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• smooth and safe lens injection through incisions of 2,5 mm and less
• complete control at every step of the lens injection
• soft tip technology with «visco-hydraulic» control to inject the lens with minimal friction and optimal IOL protection
• complete disposable injector-set gives maximum safety to the surgeon and patient alike


VISCOJECTTM eco Injector-Set 2.7 for 1-piece 
lenses for incision sizes of sub 2.8 mm, boxes of 20

VISCOJECTTM eco Injector-Set 2.2 for 1-piece 
lenses for incision sizes of sub 2.5 mm, boxes of 20


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Cost effective SOFT-TIP technology enables lens injection through micro-incisions of sub 2.5 mm; for any 1-piece lens, every time!