Utilizing the index finger for maximum control

DMEK procedures require precise control. Historically, syringe injectors for this application have been advanced using the thumb, which offers less precision than the index finger. The Güell DMEK injector is the only DMEK injector that can be operated with the index finger of one hand, providing better control and usability than any syringe injector that is advanced using the thumb. The Güell DMEK injector, developed in collaboration with Dr. José Güell (IMO Barcelona), marks a new era in control and precision.

An approved and safe method of implantation

Off-label use of glass tubes or IOL injectors holds the surgeon liable for any problems with the injection. The Güell DMEK injector is therefore approved for such use - no unnecessary liability risks.

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Dr. Jose Luís Güell uses Güell DMEK injector