Quality system meeting highest standards

Certifications according to MDD 93/42/EEC became obligatory industry standard. As many products are intended for sales in highly regulated markets, requirements for meeting the criteria in those markets are far above. Medicel’s quality system is adapted to those needs and operates on highest standards. Having products approved for sale almost everywhere around the globe verifies those standards.

Continuous quality control

Using latest inspection technology allows the continuous quality control during all production cycles. Especially products with critical function and tolerances pass multiple inspections during production and assembly. Moulding machines are connected to document their parameters into a database allowing the immediate identification and intervention in case of variation.

Standing still means falling back

Today’s world is turning fast. Standards valid as per today might be outdated the day after. Continuous improvement in all sectors of development, manufacturing, and quality systems is essential to become and stay a global player. Being ready today, for the requirements of tomorrow has always been our goal – this is reflected in the permanent improvement of the quality.

EC Certificate of Conformance

EN ISO Certificate