Because we can do a lot for you as an external partner.

You are looking for an experienced and reliable partner for the development and production of complex medical single-use products? Constantly increasing quality and regulatory demands strain your capacities - high development costs and inventory your balance sheet?

Benefit from our experience

With our market position and extensive experience in medical disposables and ophthalmology, we can support you in development, product registration and production. Our various projects with leading manufacturers - especially in the area of intraocular lens injections - are a testament to our competence. Absolute confidentiality is of utmost importance. Talk to us!

Swiss made - at Medicel

When it comes to ensuring quality, precision, and delivery reliability, we do not compromise. This is why all of our products are manufactured in-house - from tools to injection moulding to high precision turning parts.


You need a reliable partner for product development and manufacturing? Get in touch with us for an initial conversation and an evaluation of options. You will be surprised about our capabilities. Full confidentiality is our matter of course.