Because leading ophthalmologists count on our quality

You help patients with your treatment and improve their quality of life. Patients trust your competence and expect the best possible outcomes. Medicel supports you with high quality products, which enable you to meet the expectations of your patients.

Consistent quality on the highest level

Each product that leaves our production facility is identical regarding quality and processing and has proven itself over a million times in practice. You can rely on our products so that you can fully concentrate on your real work.

We market your idea

Continuous improvement is an important principle at Medicel. We are pleased that our customers are content, but innovative ideas will allow us to develop new products or enhance existing products even further. Talk to us! Our engineers are always open to a cooperative partnership.


No matter if you need support selecting or receiving products, handling support, or getting in touch with our team to discuss your product idea - your inquiry is always most welcome and we will come back to you in any matter.