Endoject - Safe DMEK graft implantation

Up until now, doctors are using classical cataract inserters in an off-label use in order to implant the graft during DMEK. With the new Endoject injector developed in collaboration with Prof. F. Kruse (Erlangen/Germany), surgeons have now access to a fully CE approved injector being designed for its purpose.

Advantage over glass tube injection

Injection via glass tube requires a larger incision with all implied drawbacks. Glass tubes work on flushing-in principle. The high amount of used liquid for implantation leads to risk of ejection. Endoject inserts grafts via hydraulic no-touch technique like glass tubes without the risk of ejection and the benefit of high control.

Comparable low cell-loss like glass tube

Many surgeons believe that DMEK transplantation is only safe by implanting contactless with a glass tube. Regardless many comparative studies, up until today the correlation between injector and cell-loss could not be scientifically proven1. Injection of a DMEK transplant with Endoject causes only a comparatively small loss of endothelial cells compared to implantation with glass tubes2. Cell loss in a comparative study with glass tubes versus Viscoject 2.2 did not correlate with the injector used3 The materials used for Viscoject 2.2 are identical. The lubricant used is the body's own material, which can be fully metabolized.

The material and manufacturing method of the cartridge enable to produce thin-walled cartridges. The thinner wall thickness compared to glass tubes allows a smaller outside diameter with the same inside diameter of the glass tubes.


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Prof. F. Kruse - Endoject loading
Prof. F. Kruse - unfolding using "bubble in the roll technique"