Ergonomic grip I/A-handles

The latest series of bimanual and coaxial I/A-handles ensures enhanced grip during epinucleus and cortex removal. Updated production technology allows offering the new range with reduced pricing without compromising quality. Fluidics optimization and a newly designed sleeve improve surgical security even further.

Classic design for high variance

Bimanual handles with front irrigation or coaxial I/A handles for 25G - the classic design series offers further specific designs beside most sold cannula shapes. The classic design has proven its quality in millions of surgeries being on the market since decades. 

Fully disposable surgery with FLACS I/A

Femto-second-laser assisted cataract surgery needs phaco power only for segment removal. Modern FLACS systems allow small surgical grid, leaving cubes of >0.5mm. The new FLACS I/A is designed to aspirate those small cubes without phaco power. Not to need any phaco power opens the gate to a complete disposable surgery with minimized risk of infection.

Find the right product

The wide offer includes bimanual and coaxial I/A handles as single-use, multi-use, or single product. Use the product filter to find the right product for your surgery!