2-in-1 without compromise

With the new, state-of-the-art ACCUJECT Dual injector, surgeons have the freedom to choose and switch on their preferred operating mode - push or screw, by simply swapping the finger flanges. Gain the freedom to choose between either a true push injector or a true screw injector, at any time, every time.

The proven Premium platform for all IOL

Push, screw, dual or ERGOJECT – the choice is yours with the ACCUJECT platform! Each and all of the operating modes are available with the same range of cartridges and loading chambers. Once the IOL cartridge and loading chamber are fitted onto the injector, the “drive” mode is entirely up to each surgeon!

Injection through 1.6mm

ACCUJECT cartridges are Biofilm coated and are developed using our unique proprietary material, which achieves the thinnest wall-thickness available on the market, eliminating the risk of cracked cartridges, encountered with other materials.The combination of Biofilm coating and innovative cartridge material allows IOL injection through the smallest possible incisions! The ACCUJECT is unique in enabling surgeons to insert most hydrophilic IOLs through 1.6mm injections.

Back-loaded or top-loaded?

Besides top-loaded version, Accuject is also available as back-loaded version for comfortable loading of hydrophobic or hydrophilic plate-haptic IOLs.

Incision size correlation

Accuject Dual
Gilles Lesieur implanting with Accuject Dual through 1.6mm
Prof. Tabatabay using Accuject in 1.6mm incision
Accuject backloaded
Accuject 3P for 3-piece IOL