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ERGOJECT is a single-use screw injector made for single-handed operation. Its precise force-reducing micro gear combines the best from two worlds: Control of a screw injector and one-handed operation of a push injector. Cartridges and loading systems are similar to the ones used in the Accuject system. Available hydrophilic preloaded systems based on Accuject can be used directly with compatible ERGOJECT models.


Using Accuject cartridge technology ensures full compatibility with hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOL models intended to be injected with Accuject. Availability as preloaded platform, incision sizes 1.6-3.2, and full compatibility with hydrophilic preloaded systems based on Accuject satisfy all needs.


Clear positioning of the piston movement makes it easier to prepare the IOL. Optional pre-folding of the haptics as well as a defined position with which the surgeon can start to inject the IOL. Both positions are defined by stops and can be easily reached even in unfavourable ambient light.


The integrated interlock switch allows the selection of the operating mode. When the backward movement is switched off, the counterforce of the IOL can no longer turn the control wheel backwards during injection. This function is particularly convenient when an IOL is injected through a small cartridges and high counter forces are generated. With conventional injectors, the surgeon would have to compensate these forces with the pressure of the thumb. In addition, this operating mode activates the acoustic feedback of the movement.

Drive wheel

The ergonomic position of the injector, like a pencil, requires minimal tension in the operator's hand. The simple movement of the rotating wheel is achieved by the integrated gearbox. Positioning of the surgeon's operating hand close to the eye of the patient provides additional control during IOL injection. The world's first single-use single-handed screw injector combines unprecedented control and ergonomics.

Need a free hand?

ERGOJECT is – similar to Accuject– a platform for preloaded hydrophobic and hydrophilic preloaded systems offered to IOL Manufacturers. Benefit from long-term experience!

Back-loaded or top-loaded?

Besides top-loaded versions, ERGOJECT is also available as back-loaded version for loading of hydrophobic or hydrophilic IOLs.

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Dr. Lesieur MD using ERGOJECT Injector
Dr. José Güell MD using ERGOJECT Injector
Dr. Florian Sutter MD using ERGOJECT Injector