The True Classic.

Lowest injection force and continuously smooth gliding properties made Viscoject-Bio the most widely recommended universal injector by IOL manufacturers globally. 8 million of IOLs have been successfully implanted by countless surgeons in the last five years proofing the reliability of Viscoject-Bio - every day again.

The most frequently used universal IOL injector globally.

MICS enabled with engineered Biofilm

The engineered biofilm coating technology allows cartridge sizes down to 1.6mm and enables full MICS compatibility with IOLs previously only implantable with 1.8mm incision. With this special IOL design even 1.5mm cartridges can be used. FDA-approved biocompatibility and minimized coating transfer ensures you implant only what you want – the pure IOL.

Reusable injectors available

Do you prefer the solid handling of a titanium injector? Viscoject titanium injectors in combination with our Viscoject-Bio cartridges offer the choice to screw or push.

Incision size correlation