New - F-Sonic Phaco Tips

The improved geometry with this three-stage tip-end enhances followability and holdability during cataract removal. Corneal impact of phaco surgery is minimized by the excellent cooling properties of the F-Sonic phaco tip sets. Cataract removal has never been easier - regardless the hardness of the nucleus.

Flared, straight or curved

Straight, flared or curved phaco tips compatible with most phaco systems on the market - available as disposable, multi-use or reusable versions. Disposable and multi-use phaco sets are supplied in sterile sets with sleeve, test chamber and wrench.

Lesieur tip improves bimanual phaco

Developed by Gilles Lesieur, MD - ease of nucleus manipulation paired with efficiency moves bimanual phaco surgery to higher level. The dedicated oval shape combined with radiused tip-end allowed us to build the phaco tip with smallest possible footprint complementing the needs during bimanual phaco surgery.

Find the right product

The wide offer includes straight, curved and flared tips as single-use set, multi-use set, or single product. Use the product filter to find the right product for your surgery!

Dr. Scheib - Cataract surgery with F-SONIC Phaco Set
Dr. Lesieur using Lesieur phaco tip
How to mount a phaco tip