Preloaded IOL Injectors

Our ACCUJECT pre-loaded IOL injectors are available for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs. Medicel collaborates with IOL manufacturers to customize our injectors for each individual preloaded IOL.

Injectors for hydrophobic IOLs are manufactured in clean room conditions by Medicel and supplied sealed. Hydrophobic IOLs can be preloaded directly into our injection systems by the IOL manufacturer. It is then fully preloaded.


for hydrophobic IOLs

for hydrophilic IOLs

One for all simplifies logistics

In the past, IOL manufacturers had to choose between push-type injectors or screw-type lens injection systems. The consequence? Two SKUs per diopter and therefore considerable logistical problems if you would like to offer both models.

With ACCUJECT Dual, IOL manufacturers no longer have to choose whether to preload their IOL in a push- or screw-type injector. With the ACCUJECT Dual you can now offer your customers a 2-in-1 system, because the same injector offers push and screw functionality in one!


The platform advantage

Push, Screw, DUAL or ERGOJECT - with the ACCUJECT platform the choice is in your hands! Each model is available with the same variance of cartridges and loading chambers. As soon as the IOL cartridge and the loading chamber have been fitted to an IOL, the choice of the "drive" is entirely up to the customer!


Straight Track to Market

Medicel is renowned globally for its preloaded systems and has already accompanied many preloaded IOLs into the market.

With our IOL injector platform and broad experience in project management, we help IOL manufacturers get their preloaded systems to market quickly and on time - no surprises.

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