Preloaded IOL injectors

Our state-of the art preloaded system is compatible with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs. Hydrophobic IOLs,can be preloaded at IOL manufacturer's site. Medicel provides clean and sealed non-sterile injectors tailor-made to the IOL.

In the case of hydrophilic IOLs, the IOL and the injector are supplied separately, in sterile packaging. The IOL is preloaded into the loading chamber, secured with an IOL holder, sterile packed and autoclaved, in an IOL container. Proir implantation, the surgeon places the loading chamber containing the IOL into the injector.

Simple. Safe. Reliable. Time… after time… after time.

One for all simplifies logistics

In the past, IOL manufacturers were forced to choose between either “push” or “screw” delivery modes. The consequence? Two SKUs needed per diopter, and therefore significant logistic issues!

With the new, state-of-the-art ACCUJECT Dual, IOL manufacturers no longer have to choose whether to preload their IOL in push or screw injectors. They can now offer a two-in-one platform for IOL injection, because the same injector offers dual push and screw capability!

As an IOL manufacturer, you can free yourself from logistical constraints and provide surgeons the freedom to choose between a true push injector or a true screw injector, at any time.

The platform advantage

Push, screw, dual or ERGOJECT – the choice is in your hands, with the ACCUJECT platform! Each and all of the operating modes are available with the same range of cartridges and loading chambers. Once both the IOL cartridge and loading chamber are fitted onto into the injector, the “drive” mode is entirely up to the surgeon!

Straight Track to Market

Medicel is renowned worldwide for its preloaded systems, having partnered with IOL manufacturers for many preloaded projects and product launches - each a success.

With our unsurpassed technological leadership and project management expertise, we help IOL manufacturers to achieve market readiness for their preloaded systems quickly and reliably.

Unrivalled reliability

Once an IOL is preloaded, an injector running out of stock or being discontinued means that the IOL manufacturer also has to cease sales. Medicel takes all necessary precautions at all the stages of the supply chain to ensure utmost reliability of supply.

 As per today: Medicel’s supply chain ensures that the right injector is received at the right time.

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