One for all simplifies logistics

IOL manufacturers no longer have to choose whether to preload their IOL in push or screw injectors. With the Accuject dual, a preloaded IOL is at the same time stored in a push and a screw injector - the operator decides the operating mode just before the implantation. 

Proven Preloaded Reliability for every Lens

Accuject including Ergoject is the platform for hydrophobic and hydrophilic preloaded IOL systems. The majority of IOL manufacturers deceide to used Accuject for their preloaded IOL. Bespoke adaptation, ready-to-use documentation, and packaging solutions enable IOL manufacturers to be on the market with a reliable premium solution within shortest period. Benefit from long-term experience!

We treat your haptic well

Regardless your haptic design and your need to inject the IOL with leading haptic bent onto, put on top of, or with distance to the optic - we've the needed technology available to manage the haptic of your IOL in the way it should be - every time!

Straight Track to Market

Our professional toolkit enabling IOL manufacturers to achieve market-readiness within a clear track. Adaptable injectors, ready-to-use packaging solutions, and a technical documentation outlined to access markets globally allow IOL manufacturers to achieve a finished product without typical project risks. Supply chain reliability and highest quality makes Medicel Preloaded Systems a set-and-forget project.

Incision size correlation

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Accuject Pro - preloaded hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOL