LESIEUR Bimanual Phaco Tip Set 20G/0.9 - 4K

Single-use product, 30° phaco tip with wrench, sleeve, test chamber and spare wrench. Other angles on request.

Developed by Gilles Lesieur, MD - ease of nucleus manipulation paired with efficiency moves bimanual phaco surgery to higher level. The dedicated oval shape combined with radiused tip-end allowed us to build the phaco tip with smallest possible footprint complementing the needs during bimanual phaco surgery.

LESIEUR Bimanual Phaco Tip Set 20G/0.9 - 4K
Compatible with: single-use, AMO/J&J, Bausch, DORC, Geuder, Nidek, Ruck, Oertli, Bi-manual phaco, Flared
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