Medicel goes single-use cataract Instruments

No other company has foreseen and driven the constant change from reusable to disposable instruments in ophthalmology as consistently as MEDICEL. With an annual quantity of more than 5.5 million sets, MEDICEL is the leading manufacturer of disposable instruments in the fields of phaco accessories, I/A hand pieces, trocar sets and IOL injectors. Adding disposable surgical instruments to Medicel's portfolio is the logical continuation of this approach.

SWISS Cataract Instruments - Medicel

The production of precise and identical disposable products in large quantities and comparable quality to high-quality reusable instruments guarantees reproducible surgery without the risk of contamination or TASS and consequently safety for surgeons and patients. Stricter reprocessing guidelines are constantly increasing the cost of using reusable instruments.

SWISS Quality - Get the same. Every time.

The manual production of disposable instruments that is common today can only achieve the desired precision of a reusable instrument to a limited extent. The high cost pressure always has an effect on reproducibility and quality. Each instrument manufactured by hand is different from the next.
MEDICEL disposable instruments are manufactured using the latest automated production technology. This technology makes it possible to produce absolutely identical instruments of the highest quality, which was previously not possible with disposable instruments - challenge us!

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