Lens Injection Videos


Gilles Lesieur MD - Ergoject 1.8 with hydrophobic IOL

Dr. Gilles Lesieur was one of the first users using the one-handed screw injector Ergoject during surgeries. He implants a +25D hydrophobic preconditioned IOL with Ergoject 1.8.

José Güell MD - Ergoject 1.8 with hydrophilic IOL

Dr. José Güell implants a hydrophilic IOL using Ergoject 1.8.

Florian Sutter MD - Ergoject for every surgery

Dr. Florian Sutter only uses Ergoject for all his surgeries. He changed his technique and can now keep the irrigation in the eye with his free hand. By implanting under BSS instead of OVD, saves the time to aspirate OVD after implantation - every surgery. 


Gilles Lesieur implanting with Accuject Dual through 1.6mm

Gilles Lesieur MD is one of the first-time users for Acccuject Dual implanting through 1.6mm incision

Accuject Dual annimation

Accuject Dual in toploaded version

Accuject - with top-loading loading chamber

Accuject for 1-piece lenses. Integrated folding assistance ensures easy IOL positioning.

For hydrophobic and hydrophilic lenses

Accuject - with back-loading loading chamber

Accuject for 1-piece lenses. Integrated folding assistance ensures easy IOL positioning.

For hydrophobic lenses

Accuject Pro - preloaded solution

The Platform for preloaded hydrophobic and hydrophilic IOL. Bespoke adaptation, ready-to-use documentation, and packaging solutions enable IOL manufacturers to be on the market with a reliable premium solution within shortest period.

Prof. Tabatabay using Accuject in 1.6mm incision

Prof. Tabatabay uses Accuject 1.6 during cataract surgery with a standard hydrophilic MICS IOL. Using his specific 1.6mm scleral incision allows insertion of the cartridge tip even into the wound.

Accuject for 3-piece IOL

Accuject as 3P verison is designed to be used with 3-piece IOL for injection into the capsular bag or into the sulcus. 

Viscoject Easy and Naviject

How to use Viscoject Easy and Naviject

Easy IOL loading even with complex haptic designs is the major benefit of Viscoject Easy. The enclosed loading block secure cartridge positioning during IOL loading. The cartridge can be easily inserted into the injector after loading while the IOL stay secured.

Viscoject BIO

How to use Viscoject Bio

Viscoject Bio is widely known for its reliability and continous smooth injection. Engineered Biofilm coating technology allow cartridge sizes down to 1.6 enable full MICS compatibility with IOLs previously only implantable through 1.8mm incision. 

Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Videos

Dr. Scheib - Cataract surgery with F-SONIC Phaco Set

The specific shape of the Phaco tip and Sleeve reduce the thermal impact to the wound. Patient's cornea is in much better condition 1d post-OP compared to conventional Phaco tip supplied by the Phaco/VR-system manufacturer.

Dr. Lesieur's bimanual phaco tip

The special oval shape of the phaco tip is designed for smoother wound introduction and allows precise nucleus manipulation.

How to mount a phaco tip

How a phaco tip and sleeve shall be mounted to avoid damaging phaco tip and wrench

Zia Carim MD - Coaxial Soft-Tip I/A in small pupil cataract surgery

Zia Carim MD - Coaxial Soft-Tip I/A in small pupil cataract surgery

Hiren Thanki MD - coaxial Soft-Tip I/A

Hiren Thanki MD - coaxial Soft-Tip I/A

DMEK Injector Videos

Dr. Jose Luís Güell uses Güell DMEK injector

Dr. Jose Luís Güell implants graft for DMEK with Güell DMEK injector

Prof. F. Kruse - Endoject loading

Safe and easy graft loading of DMEK graft. The positioning of the graft towards intended injection position ensures the graft can be unfolded easier compared to flushing via glass-tube.

Prof. F. Kruse - bubble in the roll technique

Introducing the cartridge tip to opposite side of injection allows accurate injection of DMEK graft.


Medicel Corporate Video

Medicel  introduction